Barley & Hops Society members meet monthly for premium beer tastings, local craft beer dinners, and private tours of local craft beer breweries.
Investment Strategy members meet to hear financial experts discuss various investment topics.
Members enjoy limited production cigars along with single malt and blended whiskies in one of the only indoor smoking rooms in Charlotte, which is equipped with a special ventilation system that pulls air into the room and exhausts out of the building’s roof.
The Young Professionals Club hosts fun and educational events including networking and social events, professional development speaker series, as well as a lunch speaker series.
Members enjoy golf outings at prestigious private golf and country clubs in the region.
Talk game with former NFL players and connect with those who share a passion for the sport by joining the Gridiron Club. It's the ultimate experience for football fans, giving you the opportunity to interact with players you know and love.
Discover amazing wines and delight your palate by attending monthly tastings with the Vintner's Club. Members may purchase featured wines at 20% over cost.

Barley and Hops Society

"The Barley and Hops Society is a great way to explore the many kinds of malted beverages produced around the world and learn about the explosion of new styles being produced by the rapidly expanding craft beer movement. Amazingly, we have not repeated a single beer since our founding in January 2008!" - Bill R., Member Since 2006

Casually enjoy beers from around the world with the members of the Barley & Hops Society. This club meets 10 times a year and usually tastes 5 beers at each meeting. Other perks include discounts on our local craft beer dinners organized by Chef Mike & field trips throughout the local Charlotte Brew Scene.

Each year the Barley & Hops Society dukes it out in the "Battle for the Brewmaster" in November followed by a Holiday Dinner with a complimentary Beer Trough of the years tastings. The first meeting is complimentary for new members! 

*This Affinity Club is for Members and Guests ages 21+